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Porking With Pride #3 (2006)
Adult DVD Movie by - Smash Pictures - USC2257

Watch these squealing sluts go hog wild as they shove their holes full of seasoned sausage. Nothing's too extreme, too raw, too nasty in this meltdown that'll raise your temp and cholestrol.

Reviewer: astroknight. Thanks to AdultDVDTalk!

Staring: Alex Rox, Brandon Iron, Cassie Young, Jenaveve Jolie, Joey Ray, Katrina Kraven, Keri Sable, Lee Bang, Mark Ashley, Paris Lee, Renee Pornero, Rick Masters, Roxy Jezel
Directed by:
Not Available

Play Time: 2:34 Hour Movie Size: 2:43 Gb     

Scene 1: From Teen Idol - Paris Lee and Rick Masters

Lenght: 23:19 min    
Staring: Paris Lee, Rick Masters

Size: 384 Mb
Size: 139 Mb
Size: 87 Mb
Size: 41 Mb
Size: 161 Mb
Size: 92 Mb Size: 47 Mb
Dark haired Paris, who looks remarkably like Paris Hilton, starts her scene from Teen Idol on the toilet before Rick shows up to help her get into porn. After a few questions he has her dance around for him and admires her body. Rick has Paris suck his cock before sliding it into her shaved snatch from behind as she bends over the toilet. She sucks Rick’s cock clean before lying back on the bathtub and teasing him with her pussy. Rick can’t resist giving it a good tonguing before fucking it again on the bathtub. Paris takes a little control riding Rick on the shitter in both cowgirls and letting him fuck her from behind before taking an impressive facial to finish up her debut scene.

This is a pretty good scene. Actually, if you’d like to see Paris Hilton doing porn, I think this scene will probably work just as good for you as the opening scene. To me, Paris Hilton seems like white trash with money, and I just can’t see what so many people do see in her. For her first scene Paris Lee does a great job and Rick has just the right sleaziness about him to make him “testing” her for porn work really well. The location makes for some odd camera shots that didn’t quite work for me, but there’s nice energy and decent chemistry. This scene is okay, but how well you like it might have a lot to do with how hot you think Paris Hilton is.

Scene 2: from White Wife Black Cock 5 - Renee Pornero and Lee Bang

Lenght: 23:47 min    
Staring: Lee Bang, Renee Pornero

Size: 392 Mb
Size: 142 Mb
Size: 89 Mb
Size: 42 Mb
Size: 164 Mb
Size: 94 Mb Size: 48 Mb
While talking on her cell phone in a scene from White Wife Black Cock 5, brunette hottie Renee bumps into the back of Lee’s car. He wants her insurance information, and when she tells him it’s back at her place they head there to take care of things. When she can’t find it and can’t get her husband on the phone, Lee lets her know that they could come to other arrangements and pulls the top on Renee’s dress aside to show off her very nice pierced titties. He moves down to tongue and finger her pussy, and gives her ass a few spanks as well. Renee fingers each of her holes before sucking Lee’s cock, and even talks with her hubby on the phone a little while sucking Lee’s cock. She lets Lee fuck each of her holes doggie style, and after sucking her ass off his cock lets her treat each of her holes missionary style. She gives Lee a bit more knob gobbling before climbing up for and letting Lee stretch her ass out in both cowgirls. They go back for a little more doggie fucking before Lee spews his seed onto Renee’s eager tongue.

This is a hot scene. As usual, Renee looks great and makes an ass fucking into a thing of beauty. She’s nicely energetic and vocal, and the camera doesn’t do too bad a job of mixing things up. The biggest problem here is the audio, as there are times when you can hear camera noises better than Renee and Lee. Lee and Renee had the potential to makes this a smoking hot scene, but it misses that level due to the problems behind the camera.

Scene 3: from Cum Catchers 2 - Roxy Jezel with Jenaveve Jolie and Brandon Iron

Lenght: 30:62 min    
Staring: Brandon Iron, Jenaveve Jolie, Roxy Jezel

Size: 509 Mb
Size: 184 Mb
Size: 116 Mb
Size: 54 Mb
Size: 213 Mb
Size: 122 Mb Size: 63 Mb
British brunette tart Roxy starts out a scene from Cum Catchers 2 on a couch wearing a pale green dress and some dark green shoes before she’s joined by Jenaveve, who looks absolutely smoking in a hot black outfit. Jenaveve doesn’t waste any time kissing Roxy and stripping her down before the girls work back and forth exploring and kissing each other. After a bit of play they head into the front room for their surprise, where Brandon is waiting for them. He admires each girl’s ass and lets Roxy tongue Jenaveve’s ass before dropping his drawers and letting the girls have a taste of his cock-sicle. Roxy lays back to let Brandon eat her holes and play with her pussy before Jenaveve climbs on top of her so Roxy can suck her tits while Brandon tongues her undercarriage. Brandon moves on to move back and forth fucking Roxy missionary style and Jenavave doggie style before granting Roxy’s request to taste his cock again while Jenaveve moves down to eat Roxy again. Roxy moves back up for a cowgirl ride before letting Jenaveve bounce on Brandon’s bone reverse cowgirl style and have a little doggie action. Roxy gets a little more missionary work in, and even lets Jenaveve have a little missionary action before Brandon pops in Jenaveve’s mouth. Of course she swaps it down to Roxy, and they share a nice kiss before Roxy swallows it all down.

This is a great scene. Roxy and Jenaveve have great chemistry when they start things out by themselves and it only gets better when Brandon joins them. The two girls keep a very nice balance between each other and never feel left out while Brandon looks like he’s having a great time (which he sure as heck should be having to take on these two girls!). This is a very hot scene, and a must watch for cumswapping fans.

Scene 4: From Teen Idol 2 - Cassie Young and Mark Ashley

Lenght: 23:37 min    
Staring: Cassie Young, Mark Ashley

Size: 389 Mb
Size: 141 Mb
Size: 88 Mb
Size: 41 Mb
Size: 163 Mb
Size: 93 Mb Size: 48 Mb
Teen Idol 2 checks in next. Rather than ending up at the Teen Idol dance audition, hot blonde Cassie ends up at Mark’s place. She talks about most guys wanting to sleep with her right away, and Mark assures her that he’d never try that because he’d much rather fuck her. She’s immediately impressed with his gentlemanly ways and gives him a little dance of the lap variety. She insists on taking the lead by analyzing his fuckstick, and is amazed at its size. She takes it into her mouth, and then quickly into her throat while giving it plenty of stroking along with some nice eyes for Mark. She lies back on the couch and lets him strip off her pink panties to eat her pussy, and then breaks out a pocket rocket for her clit right away as soon as Mark starts to fuck her missionary style. He brings her to a nice orgasm and finishes it off with his tongue before letting Cassie ride his cock in both cowgirl styles while they prod each other on vocally. Cassie teases Mark by jiggling her ass at him before letting him fuck her from behind and spoon her. Finally she opens wide for a very impressive facial.

This is a kick ass scene! I love the opening with Cassie and Mark talking about fucking rather than sleeping together, and think it did a great job of building chemistry between them before the first piece of clothing was shed. I love how Cassie is amazed at Mark’s size and has to take it easy. I love how she plays with the cum while looking at the camera at the end. I love everything about this scene, and I’m not a guy who cares for young tattooed bleached blondes. This is one heck of a great scene!

Scene 5: from Pop My Ass - Katrina Kraven and Alex Rox

Lenght: 27:13 min    
Staring: Alex Rox, Katrina Kraven

Size: 451 Mb
Size: 164 Mb
Size: 103 Mb
Size: 48 Mb
Size: 189 Mb
Size: 108 Mb Size: 55 Mb
Katrina starts her scene from Pop My Ass off wearing nothing but her ink and breaking apart her gorgeous ass with the glass panel that runs to the end of the staircase. She teases the camera with her ass and the glass before calling it enough and heading off to find her cock. She finds Alex sitting on the couch across the room, and takes his fingers down her throat before kissing him, letting him suck her titties, and then leaping into his arms so he can lay her back and eat her pussy and ass. Katrina has Alex kiss her after he eats her ass so she can taste it, and then sucks her pussy juices off his fingers before turning her oral skills loose on his cock. After taking him into her throat repeatedly, Katrina lays back so Alex can fuck her pussy missionary style, and has him give her a good choking that she obviously loves. They move to the stairs where Katrina has Alex pull her hair and fuck both her holes. She rolls onto her back and shows some nice gapes before letting Alex fuck her from behind again. Katrina bounces her ass on Alex’s cock in both cowgirls so he can give her ass some good slaps and grab her nicely natural titties. Finally, Alex sprays his seed across Katrina’s stomach as she gives him a few more great eyes.

This is one heck of a great scene and shows why virtually everything Katrina does is worth checking out! Katrina shows a fantastic attitude right from the start of the scene, and looks completely into the sex the entire time. She has some of the most beautiful facial expressions throughout the scene, and they help to show some fantastic chemistry with Alex. Katrina’s vocal, and nicely mixes up directions for Alex with obvious sounds of pleasure. This is an extremely hot scene, and made Pop My Ass well worth checking out.

Scene 6: from Easy Prey - Keri Sable and Joey Ray

Lenght: 23:43 min    
Staring: Joey Ray, Keri Sable

Size: 390 Mb
Size: 141 Mb
Size: 88 Mb
Size: 41 Mb
Size: 163 Mb
Size: 93 Mb Size: 48 Mb
When Keri sees Joey ogling her at a news stand in a scene from Easy Prey, she knows it isn’t going to take much to make him do whatever she wants. They head back to his apartment where Joey eyes her a bit more before they kiss and grope each other. Keri takes Joey into her throat repeatedly, and doesn’t seem to have any problem taking it all the way to the base. Joey thanks her properly by fingering her pussy and tonguing her pussy and ass. They sixty-nine a little before Joey has Keri hop on his cock for a cowgirl ride. He picks her up for a mid-air fuck and has her suck her juices off before she turns around to ride him. She sucks his cock again before they spoon and takes an inverted sixty-nine before Joey gives it to her from behind. Finally, Keri drops to her knees one last time to let Joey nut all over her face. She catches all of it she can in her mouth, and swallows it all down.

This is one hell of a hot scene! Keri has a fantastic body and really seems to know how to use it. She amazed me with the ease she took Joey’s cock into her throat as well as how well she fucked for how few scenes she’s put out. Just as impressive is the camera work here. It appears to be limited to one camera, but there’s a nice mix of views and it’s nicely balanced. This scene was a very strong debut for Dan Silver, but sadly he seems to have faded from the scene since then.

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